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Postby Corby202 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:15 am

I thought I would share my observations with a couple of different props with you guy's.
The first prop I had on my Jab 2200 Sonex was a Sensenich 60X46 climb prop. I regularly saw 1000fpm climb, cruise at 2900 was 106 knots indicated. It was very easy to go past the red line of 3300 at 120 knots. I also noted very little right rudder was required on take off.
I then fitted a 56x48 BT Prop which guessing I think is probably equivalent to a 56x52/54 Sensenich prop. First observation was the amount of right rudder it now required on take off. Cruise was now up to 120knots at 2900. WOT 140 knots at 3150. The climb was certainly down 600 fpm solo and worse at gross weight.
I have put the Sensenich prop back on as we are approaching summer here and I want that extra climb and because of all the hills surrounding my airfield.
I just thought it strange the extra adverse yaw with the smaller diameter prop??
Phil Bird
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