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Re: Need prop for Onex

Postby Xenos50 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:57 pm

This is what I see Thatcher recommends on his two-sit CX5 with Revmaster 2300:
56/48 Combo
54/50 Cruise

As I know they use Tennessee prop. Prince is probably different, but how much different?

This is what I calculated for CX5 when trying to decide for my Xenos with Revmaster 2300:
56x48 3000rpm->63.36hp, 3200rpm->76.90hp, speed: 2700rpm->122mph, 3000rpm->135mph
54x50 3000rpm->57.06hp, 3200rpm->69.25hp, speed: 2700rpm->128mph, 3000rpm->142mph

Then I ordered and already got 59x40 Tennessee prop, which should give me following:
59x40 3000rpm->65.05hp, 3200rpm->79.00 hp, speed: 2700rpm/102mph, 3000rpm/113mph

I did not start my engine yet though, so do not know what the reality will be.
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