XenosB Errata

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XenosB Errata

Postby drPete » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:15 am

XenosB Drawings, Errata List as of 16 Sept 2017

    Drawing, Error, Identified by
    XNB-C01 (G) Call is for AN3 fasteners, dwg XNB-T10-3 indicates 1/4" holes. PDailey
    XNB-C01 (K) No sinterd bronze SF-type bearings specified. QB has SNB-F16-06L&R drilled larger than 1/4" for called AN4 bolt. PDailey
    XNB-C01 (L) Call for AN4-30 bolt is too long. PDailey
    XNB-C03 SNB-C04-03 single grip tube hole diameter not specified. PDailey
    XNB-C04 XNB-C04-04 Spoiler Cable Adjuster Plate, material thickness calls for 0.090" 6061-T6. Should call for 0.190". PDailey
    XNB-C04 SNB-C04-02 'A' frame hole size for trim spring not specified. PDailey
    XNB-C05-03 Sonex identified
    XNB-C06 Drawing Number incorrectly identified as XNS-C05 PDailey
    XNB-C06-10 Spelling: "Maek" PDailey Spelling: "Thich" PDailey
    XNB-D01 Spelling: "Safty Canopy Pin Detail" PDailey
    XNB-F03 Sonex identified
    XNB-F08 XNB-F08-02 incorrectly calls for hinge 2 on bottom of -02 PDailey
    XNB-F08 Sonex identified
    XNB-F09 Sonex identified
    XNB-F10 Sonex identified
    XNB-F12 Sonex identified
    XNB-F16 Sonex identified
    XNB-F19 Sonex identified
    XNB-F20 Sonex identified
    XNB-21 Detail B AN3-6 should be 6A PDailey

    XNB-F22-14 Cable fairing length should be 1" PDailey
    XNB-F25-05R Spelling: "cable required to retain cable onl" PDailey
    XNB-G01 Detail of Tank Assembly 45 elbow NPT to flare should be MS20822 not AN915 PDailey
    XNB-L01 (B) AN310 missing diameter, should be AN310-12 PDailey
    XNB-L03 View B-B Tricycle landing gear mount artifact PDailey
    XNB-L04 Sonex identified
    XNB-L05 Sonex identified
    XNB-P13 Sonex identified
    XNB-P14-01 spelling: "engin" PDailey
    XNB-W21 Sonex identified
    XNB-W25 Sonex identified
    XNB-W37 Sonex identified
Xenos-B s/n XNB0010

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