Lindbergh Tank

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Lindbergh Tank

Postby planeolbob » Sat May 17, 2014 11:57 am

Hello Everyone,
Well, this is what happens when a retired architect has sketch paper and aluminum laying around the hanger. A few years ago I sketched up an idea to place an aux. tank in the windscreen area of the Sonex. The goal was to give me around 4 to 5 gallons so I could fly to OSH non stop. Here are some photos of the prototype development: ... 730304783/

As it turned out I had a 7 gallon tank.

Now a few thoughts.
1. I will never build a tank like this.
2. I have not done any CG calcs but the forward CG should be offset by weight in the baggage compartment.
3. If built it would be best to build this out of carbon fiber.
4. You would have a valve on the firewall to hook into the Gascolater (I think).
5. Since this tank is over sized a real tank would be lower and not block as much visibility.

Again, this was just a fun project to see how much volume I could get out of a tank in this location.

Bob (Farting around again) Mika
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Re: Lindbergh Tank

Postby N111YX » Sat May 17, 2014 2:53 pm

You could be the first person to fly non-stop solo in a Sonex from Topeka to Paris, TX. Thousands of people would surely greet your arrival... :D

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