Oil separators

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Oil separators

Postby fastj22 » Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:11 pm

Why go through the effort?
I got a real nice AndAire oil separator with the condensation collector with my Jabiru 3300. Worth $400 from ACS.
But with the Sonex, firewall forward space is very limited, especially above the motor.
So I understand the separator will extract the oil from the breather and collect it so it isn't dumped overboard and dirties the plane and environment. And the condesation collector removes the water from the frothy emulsion. But it isn't recommended to return that oil back to the engine. And its gravity fed so it would have to sit above the crank case.
So, I guess you just collect it in a bottle and dump it when it gets full.
Or, forgo the separator and clean the bottom of the plane every few flights.
Who uses these? Would you do it again?

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Re: Oil separators

Postby radfordc » Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:58 pm

I've done it both ways...collect the oil and dump it and return the oil to the crankcase. I vote return the oil. First, I have never seen any sign of "frothy, water/oil mix". My separator is made from half a metal quart acetone can....cut in half, tubes soldered in, filled with pot scrubbers; and mounted as high on the firewall as possible with a return line to one of the cylinder head covers. Cost about $4...not $400! I have very little oil on the bottom of the plane...just exhaust soot. I don't have to top off the oil in the crankcase often. I like it!
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