Looking for Sonex seat time in Arizona

Looking for Sonex seat time in Arizona

Postby Wiggy » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:46 pm

Hello, I’m finishing a Waiex turbo (S/N 0040) for a customer. I plan to fly off the Phase 1 time. Hoping to get experience in other Sonex to help with the insurance underwriting.

I’m 5’ 10”, 260 pounds, 250 hours PIC. I’ve owned 5 Cessnas 172, 175, and 182. Three of them constant speed propeller, including my current 1960 C175. I’m an A&P, IA. Willing to buy gas or trade other favors.

Thanks very much. Any help appreciated. I’ve seen flying Sonex in Eloy, Tucson, etc. I just haven’t met the owners. I’m in Eloy, working, almost every weekend.

Wiggy Greacen
Oscar - 7 hangar at Chandler Municipal
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